Home safety is of imperative importance to any holiday let owner.

Various opinions have recently been published on the dangers of staying in an Airbnb, a prominent example of which was written by Time Magazine.

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Time Magazine Article

The article focuses on the US market for holiday lets, to illustrate percentages of homes who do not follow legislation by providing smoke alarms, CO detectors, and many other safety features.

In response, Airbnb have become much more vocal on the subject in the last few months. Airbnb and hosts alike want to make their spaces both welcoming, but most importantly safe for their guests. They have recently published their ‘Home Safety’ page, which outlines, in a non-country specific format, the various fire, electrical, and home safety points that a host should be aware of.

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Much of this legislation and guidance above is what we describe on our site here at Safe Host. Airbnb gives an overall view, including some links to local law, on what hosts need to do in order to keep their home safe. We take this a little further, and give Airbnb owners a tool to understand the complex legislation in a quick and simple way. We also partner with trusted contractors to provide the services hassle free. We want to make sure that your holiday let is safe to welcome guests from across the world – as we genuinely believe this is the future of travel.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Safe Host to discuss your holiday let’s safety needs, we’re here to help.

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