How To Be A Good Host

Airbnb Health and Safety provides the foundation to be a good host. It allows you to be safe, sleep easy at night with the knowledge that your guests are doing the same – but what can you do to be an exceptional host (and get that illustrious Super Host status)? 

Airbnb Health and Safety

We want to give you a few tips that we’ve learned along the way on what it is to be more than just a Safe Host. One with properties were guests continuously want to come back to. Here are just a few suggestions that, in our experience, truly work when it comes to Airbnb Health and Safety. 

Pointers that we think matter at Safe Host
  1. Cleanliness – this may seem like a no brainer, but many hosts fall into the trap of not ensuring that their property is immaculately clean. If you’re using a cleaning service, make sure that you pop in regularly to check. As this can very quickly hurt your Airbnb track record. 
  2. Personal touch – even if your guests are using a self check in options. Make sure that they have a note or booklet waiting for them when they arrive. Write it in your own personal voice so they know a little bit about you. It makes a huge difference when they come to review you. 
  3. Communication – make sure that you communicate with your guests regularly and clearly. Check in on them during their stay via message and ask if they need anything. It will only take you a minute but shows you really care. 
  4. Reviews – not only are your guests reviewing you and your property, but you  need to make sure to review your guests. This is a  metric that Airbnb will measure you on when you are in contention for Super Host status. Make sure to honestly review your guests (be positive as much as you can, and if there are any problems, make sure that you address them objectively).  
  5. Be transparent – this is perhaps the most important one when thinking about Super Host. No flat is absolutely perfect. If your holiday let can be noisy in the evenings, is difficult to reach, or whatever it is; make sure your guests are aware of this via your listing. Your guests will appreciate honesty, and  are far less likely to pick up on negative points if they  are aware of them ahead of time. 
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