How to prepare your holiday let for winter

Winter is a wonderful time as a holiday let owner. Christmas markets, snow, and Christmas lights make it a magical time in towns and cities across the UK.

Further, with a higher percentage of local travellers as guests, winter time is the best opportunity to meet guests from nearby who travel to larger cities for some Christmas shopping, and short winter breaks away.

Get your boilers checked.

Inevitably, boilers seem to break during the coldest temperatures, and when the fussiest guests are in your property. In order to avoid this, make sure to have your boiler serviced before the cold season hits, and make any necessary repairs.

Have an emergency plumber/heating engineer.

Whether it is a British Gas emergency service or a private company in your city, it is necessary to have an emergency number to hand should anything happen to the heating or plumbing. Reactivity is the most crucial element of being a good host, and the ability to fix something at short notice can salvage what would otherwise be a negative review.

Make sure your property is well stocked.

Guests appreciate small touches, and this is especially true during the colder months. Providing warm drinks, ensuring that you have enough blankets and that duvets are of a high tog, makes your guests comfortable during the winter.

Set your heating on a timer

Guests will often turn heating to higher temperatures during their stay. If you can ensure that your heating is on a timer so that your home stays at a comfortable temperature, this not only ensures that your guests don’t arrive to a cold home, but it also ensures that the heating is not tampered with, or put on too high a temperature for too long.


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