Holiday Lets in Edinburgh to require planning permisson?

Safe Host works closely with the ASSC, and follows the Scottish and Edinburgh holiday let legislation very closely. One recent development in Edinburgh has caught our eye here at Safe Host, as it impacts a large number of property owners.

Holiday lets in Edinburgh to require planning permission?: Andy Wightman’s proposed amendment to the Planning (Scotland) Bill

Andy Wightman, MSP for the Green Party, has put forth a bill to amend the Scotland (Planning) Bill, which will aim to restrict the ability of holiday let owners to continue practising without planning permission. If this is agreed, it would mean an overhaul to the holiday let industry in Edinburgh, and potentially across Scotland. The arguments for planning permission range from curbing ‘party flats’, the evidence for the existence of these is minimal, and to dampen the extremely hot sales market.

 We at Safe Host do not believe that this is the right course of action. Safe Host believes in regulation for the health and safety elements of holiday lets, and do believe that clearer legislation should be made available for property owners in this market. Planning permission however is not the correct course of action, as Edinburgh’s strong tourism industry is supported by holiday lets, with an increase of 76% of use of holiday lets year on year. Especially in the wake of Brexit, supporting tourism is a key target for the Scottish Government.

 The ASSC has the same view on the planning permission amendment to the Planning (Scotland) Bill. In their response to the proposition, the ASSC said the following:

 “The change he makes to the bill is that ‘the use of a dwelling/house for the purpose of providing short-term holiday lets involves a material change in the use of the building’. The proposal would not stand in the way of people letting out a spare room or letting out their main or primary residence on a residential lease but would apply when they sought to operate an entire property as a short-term let.

The ASSC opposes this proposal as we do not believe short-term lets constitute a material change of use. We believe that a home is still residential, regardless of whether it is a self-catering unit or a long-term residence”. The full statement can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Safe Host to discuss your holiday let’s safety needs. We are here to help. If you are not sure that you property then take our 30 second no obligation test.