Safe Host is a trade member of the ASSC, and attended this year’s annual conference. There was an incredible array of speakers and hosts, starting with Willie Cameron, the Director of Visit Loch Ness, to David Smythe and Fiona Campbell, as the Chairman and CEO of the ASSC respectively. We thought it would be useful to give a brief of the day’s events, and of the some of the topics discussed.

A breakdown of the Annual Scottish Self Catering Conference

The first speaker at this year’s ASSC Conference was run by Geoff Ramm, Creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing. It was a lively way to start the conference, and hit on some important points on the importance of profound and sincere levels of customer service. The main point that we at Safe Host took away from this speaker was the important of repeat business, and the steps you can do to assure yourself of that. Thinking about questions such as ‘what if Brad Pitt came to my holiday let tomorrow’? As an owner, you would immediately do the touch ups that you’ve been putting off, and make sure that every detail was perfect. Each guest deserves this, and what’s more, it’s crucial to remember important details about them, and most importantly store them. This way, for your guests next visit, you can make them feel like celebrities.

 The panel discussion was incredibly interesting, and touched on topics that are relevant to home owners and holiday let owners across the UK. The speakers included owners of large holiday let groups, members of the ASSC, the Chief Executive of Marketing Edinburgh, the ASSC and its Irish equivalent and members of Visit Scotland. The discussion topics ranged from hugely significantly national topics (most importantly of which is Brexit), to more niche topics relevant to Edinburgh and Scotland, such as the tourist tax, with various views both for and against showcased. The highlight of this argument however is the implementation of such a tourist tax, and the manners in which the council needs to arrange the collection of this to facilitate holiday let owners. Further, there were a few unexpected tidbits regarding repeat business, and therefore tying in to the first speaker. This was highlighting the benefit of opening your holiday let up with disabled access should you be doing any renovations. This community has a very limited supply of holiday lets to choose from across the country, and if you as an owner can make necessary arrangements to make one or two bedrooms accessible, it will open your holiday let up to a new and extremely high quality market.

Perhaps the most relevant discussion for us here at Safe Host at the ASSC conference was the Fire Safety speaker, Garry Marshall. We went into a bit more depth with this one in a separate blog post, which can be found here.

 Finally, Stephen Whitelaw’s discussion of the future of technology was absolutely mind boggling. With snippets from the most innovative pieces of technology, the audience was captivated at the power of the world’s largest tech companies from Google to Amazon, and the impact that they have on our lives. They affect not only members of the ASSC and holiday lets, but virtually every business in the future.

 These were the speakers that we were fortunate enough to see at the ASSC 2018 Conference, however there were plenty of others. For more information on the ASSC, please click here

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