Maximising your reviews and income.

How to handle your holiday let high season 

The heat of this early summer is bringing positive results to the holiday let industry due to unprecedented demand. As a holiday let owner, we at Safe Host wanted to give you a few tips on how to maximise your rental during this high season.

The first and perhaps most important piece of advice is to plan early, especially from a financial perspective. This means making sure that your pricing is accurate as soon as your calendar is opened for the high season (remember that on Airbnb, it opens day by day to the time you have set it to in the future). A good strategy is setting the price high far into the future, and then decreasing slowly as the date gets nearer, therefore boosting your likelihood of getting an attractive reservation. Keeping an eye on your pricing is also crucial when you have those first few bookings, ensuring that even in between dates (often midweek) get booked by pricing them slightly below the market price during the high season.

High season is generally when a holiday let will be charging it’s highest prices. This means that guests will be paying even more attention to the little details that the property offers, such as quality of linen, organising any necessary repairs from wear and tear over the year, and possibly even leaving little snacks for your guests to enjoy. This makes a huge difference to the guest experience, at a minimal cost. This maximises not only your potential for return guests, but most importantly reviews.

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