It is the law to have your holiday let's gas certification in place. Let us take care of it.

Gas Safety Checks are required by law

Gas Safety Certification

Landlords and hosts have specific duties to ensure their properties are ‘Gas Safe’. These duties include having gas pipe work, appliances and chimneys/flues in the property checked by a Gas Safe Engineer.

Gas Safety Checks:
A gas safety check must be carried out on every gas appliance in a rental property, even if only one room is rented out. It must be renewed every 12 months. A gas safety check will record that all gas appliances and fittings are safe to use. In the UK, only Gas Safe registered engineers can issue gas safety certificates for holiday lets.

A record of the gas safety certificate must be kept in a prominent position within the property and the host must keep copies of the record for two years.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Hosts should be aware of building regulations in relation to carbon monoxide detection in their properties.

In order to alert guests to harmful levels of carbon monoxide poisoning, hosts must ensure a carbon monoxide alarm with a sealed long life battery is installed into every room that contains a fuel burning appliance or flue.


  • The carbon monoxide alarm must have a sealed long life battery
  • A carbon monoxide alarm is installed into every room a fuel burning appliance or flue is present


Gas Safety Legislation for Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland

All landlords including short term let property owners, must have a Gas Safety Check performed by a gas safe engineer. This Gas Safety Certificate must be renewed annually to ensure that all gas appliances are safe to use.

Gas Safety Certification

£60 +VAT

This is a typical cost for a holiday let.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

£25 +VAT

This is a typical cost for a holiday let.

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