All hosts are obliged to ensure that the risk of legionella exposure is assessed.

Risk Assessment

To assess the risks, a legionella risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person and the results should be reviewed every 12 months.

What Are The Risks?

  • Occasions when the plumbing system is unused for periods of time, which can happen in a holiday let
  • Stored tank water
  • Mains water
  • Sections of plumbing which are no longer in use


Once completed, the results are recorded onto a certificate. The host must keep copies of the record for two years.


Legionella Legislation for Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland

UK wide law states that property owners must regularly check their water systems for any risk of Legionella. A risk assessment is the easiest way to complete this, as it can be done via a simple test.

Legionella Risk
Initial Assessment


This is a typical cost for a holiday let.

Legionella Assessment
Annual Review

£19 +VAT

This is a typical cost for a holiday let.